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About Rampura Sarang Kala Manch

RRampura SSarang KKala MManch is esteblish to explore art in common persons, It is a platform for artists who are not professionals but very talented.

Rampura Sarang Kala Manch is a Non Profit Organization, registered under Societies Act of 1860. It is committed to the promotion of Cultural and Creative heritage of India; it provides an opportunity to and a suitable platform for artists to demonstrate the nuances of Dance, Drama and Music for the benefit of the common people. It endeavors to bring about a synthesis of the best of social and cultural life from the various regions of India and to work for the development of a composite Indian Culture.

The Manch was formed and registered in 2014 but the events promoted by it were held in various locations in and around Rampura Phul. It was only in 2014 Sarang Kala Manch could have a premises on rent basis from where it could provide a performance space, to not only the renowned but also to the young and emerging artists. Rampura Sarang Kala Manch, in its present form owes its existence to the Vision and perseverance of its Founder-President Mr. Deepak Matwala

The venue boasts of the latest in Audio-Video equipment and systems with excellent technological paraphernalia and backed by experience.

To encourage and enable aspiring artists, the Society hires out the venues at considerably subsidized rates. Persons/organizations who are interested in teaching music/dance could also avail of these facilities for conducting their classes. The Manch conducts its own classes, teaching Classical Hindustani and Carnatic Music and classical Bharatanatyam dance, to many students. We also seek to conduct seminars and conferences connected with Folk arts & Culture on relevant subjects.

With the sole objective to play a pivotal role in showcasing and keeping alive the profusion of Indian arts, crafts and culture, Rampura Sarang Kala Manch organizes functions and cultural festivals in the spheres of Carnatic and Hindustani - Vocal and instrumental – classical music as well as Indian Classical Dance forms. These performances are thrown open to the Public free of cost. It also supports and subsidizes events organized by other organizations with similar objectives. During the last financial year it held over 4 such cultural events.

Being a Non-profit organization, Rampura Sarang Kala Manch depends on the Membership fee as well as collections from individuals and corporate apart from the revenue it derives by hiring out its venues to others for holding performances and conducting classes. Rampura Sarang Kala Manch would very much appreciate a helping hand from all those who are interested in preserving and promoting Indian culture in all its glory.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the artists and other patrons and individuals who have contributed and continue to be associated with the Programs of Rampura Sarang Kala Manch.

We look forward to new partnerships and collaborations in the coming years.


  • To Provide opportunity to and a suitable platform for artists to demonstrate the art of Dance, Drama and Music for the benefit of the common people.

  • To bring about a synthesis from the best of social and cultural life from various regions in India and to work for the development of a composite Indian culture.

  • To organize social functions and cultural festivals within and outside India for the purpose of enabling the people of various regions to have closer contacts in the sphere of their cultural and social life.

  • To convene conferences and symposiums of Dancers, Musicians, Artists and writers of India from time to time.

  • To affiliate institutions having similar objectives and to have branch organizations in different parts of the country and abroad and to coordinate their activities.

  • To give recognition to artists by way of appreciation letters, certificates and awards of merit.

  • To do all that is conducive to the cultural and social development of India, and fulfillment of the objective of the Association.